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We put cybersecurity in context by focusing on outcomes.

When it comes to healthcare, cybersecurity is more than just technology. For hospitals and technology suppliers it's about patient safety and financial resiliency.

We address this by providing services and manufacturing solutions that are optimised for use by healthcare leaders. Our platforms provide insights ranging from clinical and operational risks stemming from health IT systems all the way to financial and regulatory exposures. 

These unique capabilities generate unparalleled intelligence and create unrivalled transparency so that you can develop strategies that make sense for your organisation.

This level of sector specific expertise comes from a unique team of experts that includes physicians, security consultants and technical architects. Clinical Cyber Defense Systems™' (CCDS™) heritage is part of The AbedGraham Group™ (TAGG™). TAGG has provided advisory services through its subsidiaries to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and countless healthcare providers globally. 

Our research division includes experts from storied academic institutions such as Cornell, Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College, London. We search for the best so we can always stay ahead of the attackers.