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DYNAMIKPTX™ Service Plans

Focused D-PTX™

A precise single engagement conducted remotely

Analysis concentrates on a single department, incident or device type

We conduct complete system scans and technical vulnerability analysis of target systems 

Reports are optimized for you to present at the board level

Total D-PTX™

A single, total network risk assessment

All data is gathered first hand by our technical analysts

Clinical ATI analysis is conducted on a stratified list of critical and severe vulnerabilities

Findings are presented directly to the board by our analysts

The process is repeated six months later

Ultimate D-PTX™

A total network risk assessment completed quarterly for 3 years

Data is gathered first hand by technical analysts and from existing security sources (e.g. SIEMs)

Clinical ATI Analysts will advise about IT security strategies and recommend procurements

Our analysts will present to your board at all quarterly intervals